29. Hausärztetag Wernigerode

29/11/2019 - 01/12/2019

The 29. Hausärztetag Wernigerode exhibition brings together health care professionals who share their medical insights at the workshops and seminars. Some of the topics include medicine in the prison, peripheral arterial occlusion disease (pAVK) – a disease often diagnosed too late, hormones – how our diabetes metabolism reacts to hormones and many more. 
We are delighted to attend this conference which will enable the LumiraDx team to share their views on the challenges of the POC healthcare and solutions the LumiraDx Platform offers to fulfil the requirements of the ever changing and demanding healthcare. 
We look forward to see you at the booth.

Address: Harzer Kultur & Kongresshotel Wernigerode, Pfarrstr. 41, 38855 Wernigerode, Germany