Meaningful Use

Cost and Limitations

LumiraDx is currently modularly certified for 2014 Edition of Meaningful Use Stage 2. The ONC certification numbers for our Consult product are as follows:

The certified modules include:

  • Timely Access
  • View, Download and Transmit
  • Secure Messaging
  • Summary of Care Referral (manual and through direct messaging)

Below is a detailed description of functionality, costs for implementation and technical limitations associated with each.

Direct Messaging related to CCD Transmission for Summary of Care and from the Patient Portal

Certification criteria: 170.314 (e1) and (b1, 2)

Description: Direct messaging of CCDs is available through the Summary of Care Referral workflow as well as from the patient portal. Providers are able to generate a referral and transmit a patient’s chart securely to another provider.  The chart is transmitted in HTML and XML formats so the data can be viewed easily as well as consumed by other clinical systems.

On the patient portal side it allows patients to safely and securely transmit their patient health record to other clinicians within our Health Internet Service Provider (HISP).

Costs: Costs are part of a one-time license fee using an annual maintenance model or a per user per month subscription model based on adequate volume.

Contractual and Technical Limitations: To comply with Direct standards, LumiraDx requires each third party HISP to engage in a trust agreement as well as exchange trust certificates to allow for integrations. If no additional trust agreements are established, only users that have been provided credentials within the LumiraDx HISP will be able to send and receive direct messages within the platform. Storage and archiving of direct messages is included for no additional charge.  All data is stored on secure, HIPAA compliant servers.

Automated Measure Calculation

Certification criteria: 170.314 (g2) and (g4)

Description: All interactions within the Patient Portal related to Meaningful Use measures are captured and audited within the LumiraDx platform.

An “eligible numerator” report is provided for patient portal actions so those patients can be compared to the EHR denominators when customers choose to use the LumiraDx patient portal as opposed to the portal provided by their EHR.  This is to ensure the denominator is consistent across all measures even though they are using multiple systems to attest.

Additionally, the product provides the ability to run full numerator / denominator reports for customers that wish to provide their denominators from their primary EHR.

Costs: The base report for eligible numerators from LumiraDx is provided at no additional cost to the customer.  Customers may choose to do a full integration of their denominators from their primary EHRs.  The data storage and interfaces required to achieve this integration are available at an additional cost to the customer.

Contractual and Technical Limitations: Due to being modularly certified, if we do not do the integration with the customer to ingest their denominators for reporting, we can only reliably produce a list of patients that can be considered for the numerator of the certified measures. The list that is produced from the LumiraDx platform must be reconciled against the denominator from the primary EHR to achieve the final results for the measure.

For example, we may produce a list of numerators for Secure Messaging that tracks all the patients that messaged a specific provider during the reporting period.  Without the denominator context, this list may include patients that were not seen by that provider.  The reconciliation that is required by the customer will filter out any of the patients that are not in the denominator so that the result sets are valid.

Secure Messaging

Certification criteria: 170.314 (e3)

Description: Patients are provided with the ability to securely message members of their clinical care team through the Engage Patient Portal. Patients can follow up on their latest lab results, request appointments or submit a request for a medication refill.

Costs: Costs are part of a one-time license fee using an annual maintenance model or a per user per month subscription model based on adequate volume.

Contractual and Technical Limitations: Secure messages that are sent within the platform are internal to the LumiraDx platform and are not through the direct protocol. The Inbox messages that Providers receive will only be accessible within the LumiraDx platform currently.


We agree to notify Drummond Group LLC of any and all future changes to our price transparency language for this certified product-version.

We understand and agree that the ONC HIT Certification Program Final Rule statement gives Drummond Group LLC, as an ONC-ACB, the sole responsibility for ensuring compliance and determining appropriate consequences if EHR technology developers fail to disclose accurate price transparency information.

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