engage is a patient program that supports clinical management and self care of patients at home. In the anticoagulation therapy management program, patients receive education, training and support via their smart phone engage App, and are able to perform self testing of INR using a self test meter that sends the results automatically to the care team for dose management and adjustment.

Anne from Cornwall, UK feels more in control of her health than ever before with our warfarin self-testing program. Anne tests her own INR level every week at home, using a point of care INR self-testing meter and LumiraDx adaptor cap. The results are sent immediately via Bluetooth to the engage app on her phone. She can confirm the reading is correct as well as answering questions about her general health, any missed doses, or any concerns, before she submits the results.

The data transfers automatically and immediately to her patient record in INRStar. Anne’s care team will be notified of her INR reading and any other recorded information. INRstar will then suggest a warfarin dosing schedule based on this information. Once the schedule is approved by the care team, it appears automatically on the engage app, and alerts Anne that it has arrived.

"The engage support team has been very, very helpful – I think self-testing is a wonderful thing for people to be able to do… it just makes life so much easier."

Patient self-testing of INR has significant benefits*:

  • More patients with a TTR of over 65%, lowering the risk of strokes
  • 48% reduction in risk of major thromboembolic events
  • Reduced patient trips to clinic
  • Better INR control
  • More convenient for patient, improved TTR, reduced adverse outcomes

*from NICE Diagnostic Guideline DG14

engage is not available in the USA.