Here. Now.

LumiraDx Believes that individuals deserve better, here, now. Their health care and social care records available to them and their care givers, joined up from all venues of care, structured to be usefully actionable. Their care givers not having to guess about their history, and losing precious time chasing it down. Having the knowledge, the data, the tools, and the motivation to become and remain activated to live healthy lifestyles. Being able to benefit from solutions that can help them reverse their diabetes or better manage their coagulation therapy or prevent debilitating heart failure. Enjoying a quality of  interaction with health care organizations that resembles the best other service industries have perfected.

LumiraDx believes that care givers and their organizations deserve better, here, now. To not struggle with information technology just to get their jobs done. To not have to hunt and peck for patient information across disjointed systems just to know what happened since the last visit or to find a patient’s current medications. To not have to spend the next many years with incredible cost and disruption ripping-and-replacing all their systems before information becomes available when and where it is needed, and then only in new silos. To become agile, constantly measuring, deriving new insights, driving better outcomes and an improved bottom line.

LumiraDx’s solutions help give individuals and their health and social care providers what they deserve, practically, in the here and now.

Remarkably Intuitive Software

LumiraDx invests heavily in the entire user experience, from signing up to the smallest details of reviewing a patient’s longitudinal history. We strive to be unobtrusive, blending into existing workflows, so our users can get their work done easily and effectively, without struggling with technology. And be enchanted along the way.

Engage allows individuals to view, manage, and share their own history from across all venues of care with their health and social care providers, be motivated to learn about and take charge of their conditions, and engage with their care team and social collaborative network to get the help they need.

Consult allows health and social care providers – physicians, nurses, care managers, social care workers – and their staff to view and manage patient records that are always joined up across all venues of care, from the doctor’s office to a patient’s home. It also helps identify patients at risk, enables users to collaborate with others in their care, and allows participants to see their progress on quality measures and outcomes.

Proven Cloud Platform

Proven Cloud Platform

LumiraDx’s fifth generation solution brings together two decades of learnings to deliver an innovative cloud platform for patient-centered clinical integration and population health management. Its modular architecture allows it to co-exist with your current infrastructure, integrating it all rather than requiring you to rip-and-replace. And its scalability allows you to serve communities small and large, from a group of affiliated physicians to entire regional and national initiatives.

The platform connects with dozens of third-party systems – electronic health records, patient health records, patient administration and hospital information systems, pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centers, and ambulance services, social care systems, financial and claims processing services, diagnostics and personal monitoring devices. It builds data sharing networks and longitudinal records of patient history across all venues of care – from the home to the doctor’s office. And it communicates information – history, alerts, messages – across these systems to allow the right information to be available at the right place at the right time in the user’s system of choice.

The platform utilizes this information to identify and stratify patients at risk, produce disease registries, deliver actionable predictive evidence-based alerts and recommendations to appropriate providers and patients, and provides real-time reports and dashboards to evaluate performance and outcomes relative to quality measures. The solution’s big-data engine allows organizations to derive new insights from joined-up activity, clinical, financial, and operational data to help improve care delivery, the customer experience, and bottom line.

Wirelessly Connected Diagnostic Devices and Wearables

LumiraDx’s platform connects with a growing list of home and point-of-care diagnostic devices – glucose meters, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, INR meters – and personal biometric devices that record real-time activity including continuous heart rate, surface temperature, posture, sleep, stress levels – to seamlessly integrate this data into individual longitudinal records. LumiraDx’s platform automatically and wirelessly collects this data, eliminating issues related to data entry and compliance.

Individuals benefit from knowing how they are doing in real time, which is proven to positively influence diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and adherence to care plans, and which helps create sustainable behavior change.

Their care givers benefit from knowing when help is needed to prevent adverse conditions or reinforce healthy behaviors, and to respond well in time when an individual is at risk to prevent higher acuity, hospitalization, or further complications.

Ground Breaking Care Solutions

Ground Breaking Care Solutions

LumiraDx’s Care Solutions – currently focused on anti-coagulation management, with new solutions being developed for heart failure and COPD, – help activate individuals living with long term conditions to improve their health under the supervision of their health and social care providers and with the help of friends and family.

Our care solutions bring together the best science – physiology and metabolic health, behavior change, medical evidence, process improvement – with LumiraDx’s software and connected diagnostic devices and wearables, unified via LumiraDx’s platform. We surround these with a seamless user experience and engaging content for both individuals and their care givers that is unprecedented in healthcare – from enrolling, to learning about condition and establishing baselines, to changing behaviors that affect physiology, and moving through program levels until individuals are free living, and then sustaining their changes and healthy habits for the long term.

LumiraDx’s care solutions are customizable to account for local preferences and clinical pathways, and leverage local health and social care providers where possible to achieve sustainable outcomes. When compared with siloed approaches to managing long term conditions, LumiraDx’s impact on individual well being, population health, and the bottom line is nothing short of ground breaking.