Establishing an Anticoagulation “Drive Through” Clinic during the COVID-19 Pandemic using the LumiraDx Platform INR Test

Lucy Lehane, Dr S B Biswas


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beacon Primary Care in Skelmersdale, UK wanted to change the way they test their patient’s blood for anticoagulation monitoring. Beacon Primary Care in Skelmersdale, is a team consisting of 8 General Practitioners (GP), 4 Advanced Nurse Practitioners, 10 Nurses and 6 Health Care Assistants. It provides services to over 17,000 patients through one individual practice operating from five locations across West Lancashire. 

The aim was to minimise risk to patients from a thrombotic event, maintain time in therapeutic range; reduce the risk of high-risk patients being exposed to COVID-19 infection; reduce exposure of staff in the surgery to multiple patients.


A “Drive Through” service was established in the car park of the Sandy Lane Health Centre using the LumiraDx Platform, LumiraDx INR Test (LumiraDx, Stirling) and INRStar software. The LumiraDx Front line testing was performed by a Healthcare Assistant, Nurse or GP who were supported by Admin staff and dosing support was based remotely. The LumiraDx Platform is a Point of Care (POC) system designed for the measurement of multiple parameters near the patient measuring small sample volumes such as capillary blood from fingerstick samples. The LumiraDx INR Test is an in vitro diagnostic medical test that is used to provide INR based on quantitative PT of capillary whole blood. The test is intended for professional POC use for the monitoring of patients on anticoagulation therapy with Vitamin-K Antagonist drugs. The LumiraDx INR Test was calibrated using the WHO international standard rTF/09 to provide traceability to reference systems and the LumiraDx INR Test. INRstar (LumiraDx) is an award-winning anticoagulation software, helping care teams to manage patients on both traditional oral anticoagulants and direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC / NOACs) safely and effectively.


The patient pathway was as follows:


By establishing a “Drive Through” service this provided the ability to minimise exposure for high-risk patients. This meant that instead of patients having to wait outside the surgery, potentially in close proximity to other patients – It has allowed warfarin patients to continue to have their INR tested using the LumiraDx Platform, and INRstar connectivity allows results to be obtained quickly so patients could continue to be protected.


The “Drive Through” service is expected to continue for the foreseeable future with 1 to 2 clinics per week. There is a potential for expanding the provision across the region to other practices. The LumiraDx Platform is portable, easy to use and has allowed INR Testing for at risk patients to be managed safely and effectively.

Conflict of Interest

This abstract submission was sponsored by LumiraDx UK Ltd. Dumyat Business Park, Alloa. UK. 09206123 


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