Annual Assembly SSCC/SGKC (Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry)

08/09/2021 - 10/09/2021

Neuchatel will have the pleasure of hosting the 2021 General Assembly of the Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry (SSCC). The SSCC is located in Geneva and divided into different working groups such as molecular diagnostics or quality control.

While the whole world is wondering about the future of the COVID-19 pandemic which is disrupting our existence and personal as well as professional habits, forcing us to adopt new attitudes in our social relations, this congress will of course adapt to health constraints, but also to the news and the scientific activity so particular to the current year. Thus, among a set of rich and diverse themes, the 2021 General Assembly will not fail to address the topical subjects, as well as the main theme chosen for this occasion: "To test or not to test?"

Members of the LumiraDx team will be in attendance over the course of the conference in Neuchatel and will be delighted to discuss the latest products and developments at LumiraDx.

Address: UniMail Rue Emile-Argand 11 2000 Neuchâtel


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