As an example of our Smart Connectivity Solutions, LumiraDx has been working in collaboration with the Health and Social Care Partnership and Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (GM AHSN) to support the DataWell project.

DataWell is a pioneering, data-sharing solution across multiple providers in the Greater Manchester area of the UK. It is a key part of Greater Manchester’s devolution and vision for improving health for its 2.8 million residents and is complimentary to existing systems held in primary and secondary care, and by local authorities and councils. By providing a unified open architecture of interoperability with legacy and new third party systems, DataWell helps to increase the speed and quality of treatment, improve safety and encourage patients to take more control of their own care.

Working with existing NHS and social care information systems that hold medical and care records in a safe, secure way, LumiraDx supports authorized health and care professionals to view specific information held in those records when they need to, for the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

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