LumiraDx supports Icelandic Industries during the COVID-19 pandemic

“The LumiraDx Platform was chosen because it was considered the best instrument for testing COVID-19. It was accurate and it gave fast results.”

- Níels Rafn Guðmundsson, Managing Director of Arctic Therapeutics

Managing Director of Arctic Therapeutics, Niels Guðmundsson discusses how LumiraDx helped support Icelandic industries during the COVID-19 pandemic with the LumiraDx Platform. Helping to keep fisheries running, tourism operating, supporting education and keeping in-person events open. Niels talks about his experiences with the Platform and how its ease of use, alongside fast accurate results helped his team keep Iceland open.

What does it mean for participants of the recent Arctic Circle Conference, Iceland, to be able to attend in person? We ask attendee Kara (Kat) Hodgson about the testing process using the LumiraDx Platform as part of Arctic Therapeutics COVID-19 testing process.


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