Case Study

Use of the LumiraDx SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test
in pediatric practice

Dr Andre B Gvozden


Dr Andre B Gvozden has been in practice for over 40 years, is a board certified pediatrician, fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at University of Maryland. Dr Gvozden runs ‘Gvozden Pediatrics’ which is a group practice that specializes and provides care for child and adolescent health based in Millersville, MD, USA.

“The LumiraDx Platform is rapid and easy to use – in the times of COVID-19 we need something like this,that is accurate, intuitive with minimal steps.”

The practice

The busy practice has 4 partners and serves around 3000 patients, 85% of those patients being children and a busy adult practice that has grown as child patients have grown into adults and stayed with the practice because of the strong and trusting relationships that have been established over many years.

 “The accuracy figures are impressive, the test has been well designed and the technology works great.”

Dr. Andre B. Gvozden, MD
Pediatrics Specialist in Millersville, MD, with over 40 years of experience in the medical field

The LumiraDx Platform

During Spring 2020 Dr Gvozden was introduced to the SARSCoV-2 Antigen Test on the LumiraDx Platform as part of a clinical study. Over the last 10 years, Dr Gvozden has spent time evaluating lots of different point of care instruments/platforms for respiratory pathogens, urine and serum testing. In that time, LumiraDx has been the only one of those that he has assessed that has made him say “I must have this device”.

During the use of the platform at his practice, Dr Gvozden reported that he “experienced zero glitches, which has not been the case with previously assessed point of care tests. With other tests, it can be frustrating to spend $20-30 on a test only to end up with an invalid result or error”.

How did the Platform fit into your practice?

“The use of the LumiraDx Platform fits well into the flow of the practice. The short waiting time means that staff do not have to spend much time away from the patient. It is easy to use, has a short waiting time (12 minutes), and the staff training needed to have the platform up and running is minimal.”

What did your patients think?

“Patients liked the speed of the test and the fact that they could leave knowing their test results – which is a real benefit when it is not easy in the community to get tested. Patients are able to trust a result which comes from their Doctor, and they see it as being ‘Doctor recommended’. This gives a sense of confidence.”


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