Have confidence
in your test results

Onboard intelligence
with next-generation manufacturing

No need for multiple diagnostic instruments

This single, easy to use, portable Instrument has a simple and consistent workflow for all tests and is designed for intuitive use - simply follow the on-screen video display for high-sensitivity results in minutes.


Results where you need them

  • Simple and intuitive user interface that provides step-by-step testing workflow
  • Weighs only 1.1kg, uses rechargeable battery or mains power, and is capable of going wherever the patient is located
  • Integrates several technologies and sample types in a single Instrument
  • Offers lab-comparable results in minutes at the point of care
LumiraDx workflow

Onboard intelligence

Both the Instrument and Test Strip use a number of analytical electronic quality controls to ensure the integrity and validity of the test, automated functionality checks and Test Strip performance controls are made throughout the operating steps of the test.

LumiraDx instrument - transparent

Pinpoint accuracy

  • On-strip position sensors
  • Precise sample fluidic control
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • System controls cover strip positioning, electronics, optics, temperature, haematocrit and Test Strip expiry
  • Enzyme and immunoassay on a single platform
  • Lot Calibration File instant transfer to instrument by RFID tag

Not all products are available in all countries and regions. Please check with your local LumiraDx sales representative or distributor for availability in specific markets.



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