Safe, convenient and easy-to-use chronic condition programmes that enable individuals to self-care under the guidance of their care teams

The need

The incidence of chronic diseases and conditions – such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and COPD – is growing worldwide at an alarming rate. This is causing an ever-increasing health, social and financial burden: more than 70% of healthcare budgets are now spent on managing chronic conditions.

The approach

People living with chronic conditions can play a significant role in managing and improving their own health. LumiraDx Care Solutions enables supported self-care by providing safe and easy-to-use care programs that give individuals the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-care under the guidance of their care teams.

We bring together the best technology, clinical knowledge and education to design care solutions for conditions and therapy areas like diabetes, COPD, anticoagulation and heart failure. Our solutions enable care teams and individuals to make the right decisions at the right time - based on accurate and up-to-date information.

For health and social care providers, that means improving outcomes and reducing costs by moving care closer to home. For individuals, it means having more freedom and choice to feel in control of your health whilst staying connected to your care team.

Smart features

For healthcare providers

Our complete anticoagulation management solution:

  • Algorithm-based, clinical decision support for Warfarin patients – INRstar
  • DOACs patient management and tablet adherence
  • Warfarin self-testing – engage
  • Bespoke hospital solution for secondary care with lab interface and integration with primary care systems
  • INRstar analytics tool to gather up-to-date, accurate data across locations for patient population analysis and improvement

Smart features

For patients

Our award-winning patient platform engage delivers the end-to-end connectivity between care teams and individuals.

  • Its powerful, cloud-based technology sends and receives data via an easy-to-use patient app seamlessly to the care team record.
  • engage currently supports the clinical management and self-care programmes for all anticoagulation therapies including the newer drugs and is being developed to support a range of other conditions including COPD, diabetes, heart failure and co-morbidities.
  • All our self-care programs in engage have built-in education, training and technical support

Not available in the USA.