INRstar Engage

Our easy to use, patient app

Connected self-care
for all anticoagulation patients


Support your patients to self-care with INRstar Engage, our easy-to-use patient app. INRstar Engage enables information to flow seamlessly between your patients and your care team, helping you deliver tailored care remotely to your patients, reducing pressure on your service and moving care closer to home.

INRstar Engage helps to:

  • Support your patients to stay independent for longer
  • Release clinic time to focus on patients that need it most
  • Eliminate transcription errors with full integration to patient devices
  • Improve patient TTR
  • Encourage adherence with daily dose reminders
  • Reduce costs and save time with dosing instructions delivered directly to your patients
  • Support your patients to understand their anticoagulation therapy better and feel more in control of their health

INR Self-Testing

Safer INR self-testing with seamless connection to INRstar

Improve outcomes and eliminate transcription errors with INRstar Engage INR self-testing – the only programme of its kind approved to join the NHS App Library.

Manage your patients remotely and improve time in therapeutic range (TTR) with the INR self-testing programme. INRstar Engage includes step-by-step training which gives your patients the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-test.

The seamless connectivity to INRstar allows you to remotely review, dose, send instructions and file information back to the clinical system

  • Review INR results directly on your patient’s record in INRstar
  • Dose them and send your patient’s dosing instructions directly to them via the INRstar Engage app
  • File back to all major clinical systems – making it easier for you to demonstrate improved outcomes and value

DOAC Support

Encourage adherence with the DOAC support programme

The DOAC support programme helps you to reduce clinic time, follow NICE guidance and avoid transcription errors whilst staying connected to your DOAC patients.

Our programme support patients to understand their anticoagulation therapy better and encourage medication adherence with our DOAC support programme. Patients have 24/7 access to a series of easy-to-follow educational videos tailored to their specific DOAC.

NICE guidelines advise that patients on a DOAC require regular follow up and monitoring. Delivered via the INRstar Engage app, the DOAC support programme simplifies this process and helps you to release clinic time.
Patients submit scheduled digital reviews directly to INRstar, letting you know how they’re getting on without the need for a clinic appointment.

You can:

  • Schedule digital reviews from your patient’s record in INRstar
  • View incoming reviews and learn how patients are getting on
  • File digital reviews back to your clinical system via INRstar

Digital dosing diary

Paperless dosing schedules with our digital dosing diary

Digitise your patients’ traditional anticoagulant dosing instructions.

Send patients their dosing instructions directly from INRstar and eliminate transcription errors with our digital dosing diary.

Delivered via the INRstar Engage app, this programme enables you to give patients quick, easy access to their personalised digital dosing instructions and next test reminders – without the need to print or post them.

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