Better Outcomes.

Here. Now.

LumiraDx Helps achieve better health care, social care, and financial outcomes, affordably, in the here and now.

Healthcare organizations continue to wrestle with avoidable costs, preventable errors, and operational inefficiency, all while aspiring to improve their consumer experience, outcomes, and bottom line. Meanwhile our economies continue to be challenged by rising healthcare costs attributable to fragmented care and long term conditions, especially diabetes, heart failure, COPD, and their co-morbidities. Common approaches to address these challenges – rip-and-replace information systems, deploy siloed programs that hope to “manage” high-risk patients, use minimally interconnected systems to coordinate care – have proven exorbitantly expensive, unduly cumbersome, financially unsustainable, and eventually inadequate to achieve desired benefits.

LumiraDx Offers proven solutions to help achieve your health care transformation goals, practically and reliably, in the here and now.

Remarkably intuitive software

Remarkably intuitive software that engages individuals and seamlessly blends into routine workflows of their health and social care providers

An integrated yet modular and open cloud platform

An integrated yet modular and open cloud platform that joins up and extends existing clinical, financial, and workflow systems to enable, measure, and improve patient-centered care

Ground breaking care solutions for diabetes, heart failure, COPD and other conditions

Ground breaking care solutions for anti-coagulation management, heart failure and COPD to help individuals change behavior, improve their health.

Our solutions improve clinical integration , especially across transitions of care, help move care into the community and home when appropriate and better engage individuals with long term conditions to change behavior, under supervision of their health and social care providers.

LumiraDx’s clients universally deliver more integrated, more informed, patient-centered care that is safer, more efficient, and with demonstrably better outcomes.

We’re working in collaboration with the Health and Social Care Partnership and Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (GM AHSN) to support the DataWell Project with our technical platform solution.

The platform technology delivered by LumiraDx allows authorised health and care professionals to view specific information held in those records when they need to, for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. The technology we deliver is designed to augment existing local solutions, support new integration and applications, and provide a GM-Level overview of the patent.


“Our physician-owned regional health information exchange is the most robust I have ever seen. We can see all important clinical information collected and presented in a way we can quickly digest, and that is so much easier to use than other systems – regardless of source, including from doctors offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies using many different IT systems. We can finally pick up care across transitions easily. And our patients can easily communicate with their doctors, look up their records, and manage their consents online. We now have the platform to enter into risk-bearing contracts. LumiraDx has not only made it possible, but also affordable!”

Joe Heyman, MD

CMIO Whittier IPA, MA, USA
Past Chair, American Medical Association