ConnectedHealth IT

Solutions and services that enable individual-centred care co-ordination

The need

Poorly co-ordinated care is a leading cause of rising healthcare costs globally. Emerging models of care require ubiquitous technologies to integrate patient data and workflows.

The approach

LumiraDx joins health, social, financial, and administrative information about individuals from all venues of care into a real-time, longitudinal case record. We use this information to help ensure that individuals are supported with the most appropriate care at the right time and in the right setting.

This information can then be analyzed to enable continuous performance improvement for both individuals and entire populations. LumiraDx’s Health IT solutions enable more informed care to be provided at lower cost, more safely, and with better outcomes.

Smart features

  • Connectivity - enabling the seamless flow of diagnostic data between medical devices, electronic medical records and other health information systems
  • Integrated health record – combining data from multiple sources into a single longitudinal patient record
  • Remote working applications – allowing care teams to care for patients without bringing them into hospital or community care
  • Workflow integration – enabling greater efficiencies through a single care workflow system
  • Smart monitoring – prioritizing care for patients in most need through analytics and alerts