25th CMPR Continuing Education Symposium
(Collège de Médecine de Premier Recours)


The College for Family Medicine (CMPR) is an exchange and strategy platform to shape and promote the present and future of basic medical care in Switzerland. It offers advanced training for general practitioners and paediatricians, both in courses and at medical congresses in the various language regions.

In 2023 everything will revolve around the theme of diagnostics, as implied by the motto they have chosen for this 25th edition: "Search – Find".

Isn't the search for causes an essential aspect of our business? If you sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, this conference will provide you with valuable answers during a worthwhile day.

Join us at this event and meet our team to discuss the latest products and developments at LumiraDx.

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Address: Fondation de Beaulieu, Centre de Congrès, Avenue des Bergières 10, CH - 1000 Lausanne 22


Supporting healthier lives, for individuals, communities and wider society.

Enabling responsive, personal relationships between patients and care teams.

Controlling and reducing costs to help ease pressure on healthcare budgets.

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