Code of Conduct

LumiraDx is an organization with a strong sense of integrity. Doing the right thing, working ethically and with high quality in all we do is at the heart of our values.

Our code of conduct

To be successful, we must recognize the interests of all of those we work with; our customers, employees, shareholders, investors, and suppliers, as well as the environment and the local communities in which we operate.

Our Code of Conduct contains general guidelines for conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and in compliance with the law.

The principles and standards set out in the code are supported by internal policies and processes, which together create a framework to provide clarity on our responsibilities.

All stakeholders, including suppliers, customers and employees, are required to observe not only the guidelines, but also the spirit of our Code of Conduct.

Raising concerns

We want our suppliers, customers, stakeholders and employees to feel safe and confident to speak up and raise concerns about anything they see that goes against our values, breaks the law, or breaches regulations or policies.

EthicsPoint is our global whistleblowing platform that enables our people to raise concerns confidentially and anonymously.

EthicsPoint are an independent, third-party provider who support LumiraDx to capture and investigate any concerns raised.

The service is currently online, and we’ll be launching a global telephone hotline in the coming weeks.

Please do not use the EthicsPoint integrity lines for product enquiries or to report adverse events. Visit the Customer Services page for instructions on where to submit questions on these matters.


Supporting healthier lives, for individuals, communities and wider society.

Enabling responsive, personal relationships between patients and care teams.

Controlling and reducing costs to help ease pressure on healthcare budgets.

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