21st Clinical Microbiological Infectiological Symposium (Klinisch-Mikrobiologisch-Infektiologische Symposium, KMIS)

14/12/2023 - 16/12/2023

Traditionally every two years, the Clinical-Microbiological-Infectious Symposium will take place again in 2023. Patrons of the symposium are:

BÄMI e.V. (Professional Association of Doctors for Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemology. e.V.), DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology), DGI (German Society for Infectious Diseases), DSG (German Sepsis Society), DTG (German Society for Tropical Medicine), and PEG (Paul Ehrlich Society for Infection Therapy e.V.).

As usual, this year's program covers a wide range of the fields of infectious diseases, tropical medicine, microbiology and hygiene and provides you with up-to-date information on practical and clinically relevant topics. The focus is on diagnostic procedures, old and new infectious agents, new therapeutic approaches, guidelines and prevention strategies. Your specialist knowledge is required as part of the interactive case presentations.

We are very pleased to welcome you, together with the scientific committee and the honorary president and founder of the symposium, Professor Harald Mauch, to the 21st KMIS in pre-Christmas Berlin.

Address: Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin, Stephanstraße 41, 10559 Berlin


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