48. practica Bad Orb

25/10/2023 - 28/10/2023

practica ...more than advanced training!
Europe's largest general medical seminar congress with up to 19 parallel events is still "the annual meeting point" for general practitioners, who (often) together with their teams in the Odenwald, breathe deeply together for four days with more than 1,200 participants.

The Institute for General Practitioner Training in the German General Practitioners Association (IhF) e. V. is the advanced training organization by general practitioners for general practitioners, which organizes general practitioner relevant, product-neutral and evidence-based training nationwide.

The IhF is now organizing the practica for the twelfth year and it is “the” flagship of face-to-face events in the broad portfolio of IhF advanced training events, which also guarantees “more than advanced training”.

In addition to many state association chairmen, you will also meet the entire national board of the general practitioners' association, KV chairpersons and DEGAM executive committee members in Bad Orb. The practica is a melting pot of general medicine for training, further education, further training, professional policy and science, which also includes the traditional list server meeting on Friday evening.

Address: Hotel an der Therme Bad Orb, Horststraße 1, 63619 Bad Orb Booth: #5


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