German Company Doctors Congress 2022
(Deutscher Betriebsärzte Kongress 2022)

06/10/2022 - 07/10/2022

The Association of German Company Doctors e.V. (VDBW) is the professional association of German occupational physicians and has represented the interests of its 3,600 medical members in Germany since 1949. Today the association represents the largest occupational medicine association in Europe.

The epidemic will further increase the importance of occupational medicine in our society. The subject of hygiene and advice to companies and employees in this context will be a long-term issue. Therefore, in 2022, the congress will also focus on the effects of the corona pandemic on company doctors, the topic of mental health and holistic preventive care.

Join us at the congress and meet our team to discuss the latest products and developments at LumiraDx.

Address: Congress centrum weimerhalle UNESCO-Platz 1 99423 Weimar


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