LumiraDx launches first-of-its-kind smart diagnostic platform for improved point of care patient testing

PRESS RELEASE: London, UK, August 29th 2019 - LumiraDx UK Ltd., today introduces the LumiraDx™ Platform, a point of care test (POCT) solution designed to transform near-patient testing. Developed by an experienced international team, the LumiraDx Platform combines the smart technology of a small portable instrument, advanced low-cost test strip and seamless digital connectivity. The ultimate goal of LumiraDx is to provide simple, accessible and affordable diagnostic-led care for all. The first available assay on the LumiraDx Platform is the INR Test, a routine test conducted with patients on oral anticoagulation therapy using vitamin K antagonists.

The LumiraDx Platform is simple and easy to use. Its microfluidic technology enables accurate test results in line with those from hospital laboratory analysers, using small patient samples, including capillary fingerstick blood. Fast results are delivered in minutes at the patient side and can be connected directly into the patient’s health record. The LumiraDx technology is designed to be cost-effective and applicable to many diagnostic assays, with a number of tests already in development and near to launch.  The Platform will develop into a unique connected multi-test solution with the potential to accelerate diagnostic testing to improve clinical decision-making and patient experience, leading to better outcomes.

“This is an exciting development as the potential to deliver a multi-test platform that is cost effective, has excellent sensitivity and precision, and a rapid turnaround time, would be revolutionary for point of care testing in the Emergency Department’ said Rick Body, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Manchester. “Furthermore, the ability to connect these results to patients’ electronic health records would have a positive impact on care pathways in the future, ensuring that patients access the right treatment pathway sooner.”

Dr Matthew Fay, General Practitioner located in Bradford, UK, commented, “One of the biggest problems NHS England faces is the shortage of primary care doctors. A POCT platform that has the potential to deliver results in real-time at the patient’s side, streamlining clinical pathways and thus reducing the number of patient appointments would make a positive impact on our healthcare system.”

Ron Zwanziger, CEO of LumiraDx, said, “We are very excited by the potential of the LumiraDx Platform to deliver accurate results to healthcare professionals in a wide range of clinical settings and conditions. Our technology has been developed to address current clinical needs, providing more cost-effective, faster and connected point of care diagnostic solutions aimed to ultimately accelerate and improve patient treatment and outcomes.”

About The LumiraDx INR Test : OPTIMAL Trial

LumiraDx has recently concluded a performance evaluation trial (OPTIMAL) of their new international normalised ratio (INR) test, designed to assess its precision and accuracy. The trial, performed at over 11 anticoagulation clinics using 366 subjects, showed that the LumiraDx INR test provides rapid, accurate and reliable INR analysis for patients on anticoagulation therapy. Healthcare professionals reported that the LumiraDx Platform was simple and easy to use. Results confirmed that the Platform’s proprietary technology enables excellent performance referenced to a standard laboratory test. The study has been submitted for peer reviewed publication. The study abstract is available at:

About LumiraDx

Our smarter connected diagnostics and diagnostic-led care solutions are designed to enable more effective and cost-efficient patient care. The LumiraDx Group was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs with a successful track record in building and scaling medical diagnostics and health IT businesses. Based in the UK and the USA and supported by a global distribution network, LumiraDx has over 450 employees worldwide.  The company has an experienced senior leadership team, which includes Chief Executive Officer Ron Zwanziger, Chief Scientist Dr Jerry McAleer and Chief Technology Officer Dr Dave Scott.

For professional use only. CE mark product available. Products not yet available in the USA and some other countries.

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