Is it COVID-19?
Is it Flu?

Lab-comparable results in minutes

Verify potential infection quickly with a rapid microfluidic assay that provides actionable and lab-comparable results in 12 mins for patients suspected of Flu and/or COVID-19, to help decision making and guide treatment

Test benefits

  • Microfluidic immunofluorescence assay
  • Authorised for use in CLIA waived environments
  • Optimize patient and clinical flow - 1 sample, 3 results, 12 mins
  • Sample type: nasal swab
  • Easy to implement at point of care
    • Time to result in as quick as 12 minutes
    • No refrigeration storage required:
      room temperature storage (2°C to 30 °C)
    • Portable Instrument for near-patient testing
    • Minimal handling steps

Test workflow

The Instrument and Test Strips are integrated with several quality control checks to ensure the Instrument and Test are functioning correctly for every test run.

The workflow process is comprised of a simple sample prep along with step-by-step guidance of the Instrument to report a patient result in under 12 minutes from sample application.

Test performance

In clinical studies, the LumiraDx SARS-COV-2 & Flu A/B test demonstrated up to 95.5%, 83.3% and 80.0% positive agreement versus RT-PCR for detection of SARS-COV-2, Flu A and Flu B respectively.

Clinical agreement compared to RT-PCR

SARS-CoV-2Flu AFlu B
PPAup to 95.5%*83.3%80.0%
NPAup to 99.2%*97.5%95.3%

*Based on 0-12 days since symptom onset data set - See LumiraDx SARS-CoV & Flu A/B Product Insert for more details


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